We Supply the following
Organic Compost
Ideal for garden beds, vegetable patches and as a lawn dressing. (weed free)
3m³ 6m³
Mushroom Medium
A totally weed free product. Ideal for garden beds and as a lawn dressing.
3m³ 6m³
Garden Mix
The perfect all purpose product. A well proportioned mix of compost and soil.
3m³ 6m³
Sifted loamy soil for all filling and leveling requirements.
3m³ 6m³
Weed free mixture of compost and organic matter.Perfect for all garden beds
and vegetables gardens
3m³ 6m³
Lawn Dressing
Organically enriched topsoil sifted extra finely.
3m³ 6m³
Instant Lawn  
Organic Compost Gypsum Plus
  • Gypsum lime (calcium sulphate) has been added to our organic compost.

These are the benefits of Gypsum Lime:

  • Compacted dense soils respond well to Gypsum.
  • Gypsum is considered a universal soil amendment, improving aeration + water filtration into the soil.
  • Gypsum increases PH levels in acidic soils and aids seed emergence.
  • Gypsum prevents surface crusting of soil and conserves nitrogen.   

We deliver compost in JHB North,East and South to your door


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